Get to inbox zero
Comprehensive email management services for your small business
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Take a moment to relax
By outsourcing daily tasks you can take time to focus on yourself again
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Branding & design
Tell your company's story through bespoke business branding
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Lean systems
Only pay for the tasks that best serve your business goals
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Business data made visual
Make more informed decisions with custom spreadsheets and reports
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Let's talk about you

Welcome to Night Owl Admin & Branding

Thank you for visiting my website. Before you jump into exploring, tell me about you and your business by completing this quick form. Then we’ll be one step closer to saving you time and money.

Why Night Owl?

Systems Savvy

Night Owl is naturally adaptable to new business systems and highly skilled at creating bespoke systems that fit your business.

Design Driven

With a design-minded approach to your admin and branding, you get systems that are both efficient and beautiful.

Cost Conscious

Keeping your company's bottom line in mind, Night Owl actively works at finding new ways to save you money.

How it works

First we’ll sit down and discuss your business, how you run things and what you want to change.

I’ll evaluate your business systems, your admin flow, your daily tasks, etc. My aim is to understand exactly how your business operates and what you need to ensure that everything runs optimally.

I learn how you like things done and then combine it with current best practices to create a system that boosts your company’s productivity.

I’ll create business systems that work for you, your business and your budget, based on your needs and my skills.

No two businesses are exactly alike, so I’ll tailor a system for you based on your  current available resources, your company’s budget, time constraints and business goals.

As your business develops, so will your business needs. Therefore the development phase is often revisited to ensure that your systems continue to serve your business.

Action is the key to success. After evaluation and development, it’s time to implement!

With your improved systems in place, Night Owl can handle your admin and branding tasks in your stead while you see to more important things, like leading and growing your organisation.

You can be assured that you have someone you can trust to do things the way you would do them yourself, without needing supervision or micro-management.

Night Owl's Services

Email Management
Managing your inbox and getting you to inbox zero.
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Logo Design
Every business needs a high quality logo to represent its story.
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Financial Data Recording
Keeping your financial records up to date is vital to the health of your business.
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Time Sheet Management
Helping you comply with standard labour law requirements.
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Animated Social Media
Nothing catches the eye like moving content.
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Excel & Pivot Tables
Simplification of complex data by making use of visual elements.
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