5 tips for a more beautiful social media page

It is becoming increasingly clear that for most companies, having some form of social media presence can be beneficial. However, these days social media is an essential component of a modern marketing campaign. Some organisations still refuse the pressures that come with the always-on social media world. But most business owners are coming to terms with the fact that social media marketing is inescapable.

There is currently an estimated 60 million active Facebook business pages. And platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter aren’t far behind. With so many businesses on social media these days, it is difficult to stand out among the competition. Of course, if you don’t stand out, it is unlikely that you’ll grab the attention of your ideal customer. This means that creating beautiful, eye-catching content for your business social media pages is now a necessary business function. A business function for which businesses owners must now budget time and money.

Here are five free tips on how you can start improving the look of your social media feed today.    

Free social media tip #1: Stick to your business branding colour palette.

To start off, you’ll need to establish your company logo and a company branding colour palette. With these in place, you’ll have a good idea of which colour schemes to use for your social media pages. It isn’t necessary to limit yourself to using only your branding colours, however featuring them is very important.

Whatever colour palette you go with, try to remain as consistent as possible. In other words, if you use blue, ensure it is always the same blue and so on. This will help would-be clients spot your posts on their feed immediately. And with time, hopefully, people may come to associate your company with those branding colours. This is an effective way of building a recognisable brand that potential clients can trust.

To make your social media feed look stunning, use your colour palette to accent your images and videos. For instance, you can use frames, fonts, overlays, patterns, and other design elements tin your branding colours. Remember to be consistent in the colours you use, as well as the weight you assign each respective colour.

Free social media tip #2: Keep fonts simple and uniform.

When you create ads and designs for social media you will inevitably have to add text at some point. It is important to use text that is easy to read and is representative of your brand. Although some fonts can be fun and showy, they might be illegible on adverts or impractical for various design programs. We recommend sticking to one or two fonts (three at most) that work well together and are easy to read. When choosing various fonts, consider using differing letter thicknesses, or contrasting styles. For instance, you can combine a handwritten font with a typewriter font or add more variety to your fonts by playing around with the font weight, spacing and size.

Free social media tip #3: High quality, eye-catching images work best.

It should not come as a surprise that people spend more time looking at beautiful posts on social media.

There are many ways to make your social media images look more interesting. Some examples include adding coloured filters to your images to give them a new feel. Or to frame your photos with a shape or pattern matching your branding colours.

Another easy way to ensure your online posts look striking is to make use of high-quality images. Higher quality images are less likely to pixelate when viewed on desktop or mobile.

It is often necessary to resize images. It is important to note when resizing images, to keep the original aspect ratio of the image. Avoid stretching images in either direction as it will distort the proportions and lower the quality. Make sure to use images that are relevant to your business offering. And if you are using stock images by another creator, remember to credit them for their artwork.

Free social media tip #4: Use the appropriate design finishes that fit your brand.

Like fonts, not all design elements are going to be appropriate to your brand or your marketing message. Don’t use branding elements that don’t relate to your brand or your client. For instance, if you are trying to attract a more mature clientele, you might consider elegant and timeless design features such as thin, straight lines and lots of negative space. Or to attract a younger audience, consider more bold and artistic design features such as abstract shapes or geometric patterns. It is important that you look at your social media feed as a whole. Then decide on a look and feel that will cater to both your customers’ expectations and your brand’s voice.  

Free social media tip #5: Ensure that your designs are the correct size for the social media platform you are using.

Not all social media platforms use the same aspect ratio for their image sizes. It is important to make sure that you are using the right sizing. Using incorrect sizes may mean that parts of your message are not displayed on your would-be client’s social media feed.

Programs like Canva make this incredibly easy. Canva offers a range of templates and designs in the most used sizes for the most popular platforms. However, this information is never more than a Google-search away. There’s really no excuse for posting an artwork that doesn’t fit the platform.

Bonus tips for a beautiful social media page.

With these tips you should be well on your way to making a stunning business social media page. Just in case you need a few more pointers, however, here are three bonus tips.

Bonus tip #1 – Always give credit where it is due.

Don’t take anyone else’s images or text without giving the appropriate credit where it is due. Don’t pass off someone else’s creation as your own. Credit photographers, creators or websites that you use to create your content. Giving others the credit for their work will never take anything away from what you are offering. However, presenting someone else’s work as your own will catch up with you in the long run.

Bonus tip #2 – Use a watermark.

By adding your logo, watermark or business name to your social media images, you will cement your organisation’s name and branding into the minds of your viewers. It will also make it harder (although not impossible) for other to steal your work.

Bonus tip #3 – Authenticity is key.

Probably the most crucial factor that plays a role in standing out online is authenticity. Yes, there are many TikTok videos and other trends making the rounds. For many of which the very point is to remix your own reels and remake posts that others are making. Like a sort of memeification. It is still important to note that without an authentic style, your posts will be drowned out by the noise of social media.