About Night Owl

Night Owl Admin & Branding is a local, female-owned business focusing on building branding and developing admin solutions for entrepreneurs and small to medium businesses.

Night Owl stands out among admin agencies by taking a Just-in-time (JIT) approach to problem solving, allowing for business spending to be targeted to its immediate needs as they occur as well as creating lasting change to your business systems.

Night Owl believes in working closely with the owner or manager of the business to ensure that the company’s bottom line and final customer experience is kept at the forefront of every task.

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Behind the scenes

Hi there, I’m Rudene – main owl, administrator and designer. I started Night Owl in 2017 as a passion project to assist a local guest house with bespoke administration and branding needs. It soon became obvious that other companies need the same tailored approach and Night Owl was born.

With a background in retail and logistics, combined with a passion for systems and my love for design I am uniquely qualified to create admin and branding solutions that fit your business. And because I am an entrepreneur myself, I understand the various complications that may arise in your organisation, as well as the importance of having someone you can trust with your company’s sensitive information.

Night Owl has become the preferred administrator for a number of small local companies including an insurance brokerage, a dance studio and a fiction writer. Night Owl has a 100% customer retention rate!

Although Night Owl is a one-woman-show at the moment, the dream is to grow Night Owl to afford more admin-savvy female youths the opportunity to become all-rounders, earn their own living and perhaps even become entrepreneurs themselves.