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5 Ways to save money on business marketing this January

Business marketing can be expensive. Most entrepreneurs are constantly on the lookout for ways to cut back on costs. The reduction of overheads is especially important in January as everyone recovers from the financial impact of the holiday season. Many businesses may experience lower sales in the start of the year compared to the rest of the year. And, understandably, the marketing budget is often the first thing to be downscaled when cashflow is affected. Ironically, this means that the generation of income is harder than it usually would be. Considering this frustrating dilemma, here are 3 ways that you can save money on your business marketing budget this January without compromising on the efficacy of your public communication and image. Tip 1: Utilize as many free tools as possible. In the age of the internet there exists an endless supply of practically free resources that can be utilized for your business and, more specifically, your business marketing. New and innovative marketing solutions are being developed every day. Many of these tools are developed with you as a business owner in mind and are purposefully made easy to use and understand. Here are some of our favourite free marketing tools: WordPress, Wix and Shopify for websites. Canva for designing almost anything. Facebook & Instagram for creating a social media presence (free to setup & can easily be managed together via Facebook Business Suite). Pexels and Freepik for free stock images and videos. Mailchimp for free marketing emails (only free for

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