Business Support

Night Owl provides trustworthy services ranging from client and supplier correspondence to invoicing and reporting. You get a highly-skilled team member without having to manage or train staff. ​

Create a lasting impression by applying your branding to invoices and quotes.

Invoices & quotes

Night Owl’s services include:

  • Setting up and sending out invoices and quotes to your clients or prospective clients on your behalf. 
  • Tracking and reporting on invoices and quotes on your preferred software.

Night Owl mainly makes use of Wave, Zoho and Excel but can use any accounting software you prefer. (Night Owl does not supply software.)

Financial data recording

Night Owl’s services include:

  • Capturing various financial transactions on behalf of your company, including payments, expenses and petty cash.
  • Reporting on your company’s various transactions for your information.

Night Owl mainly makes use of Wave, Zoho and Excel but can use any accounting software of your choice. (Night Owl does not supply software.)

You cannot manage what you do not measure. Keeping your financial records up to date is vital to the health of your business.
Make better decisions with quality business data visually presented in reports and charts.

Reports & charts

Night Owl’s services include:

  • Using data from your own accounting software to make sense of your business operations and empower you to make more informed decisions.
  • Easy to understand visual reports written for all company stakeholders.

Reports are usually in PDF, Word or Excel but can be converted to presentations if necessary. Refer to branding and design. 

Excel & pivot tables

Night Owl’s services include:

  • Specialised Excel reports and powerful custom-built tools for your business including pivot tables.
  • Simplification of complex business data by making use of visual elements.

Night Owl makes use of Excel but cannot supply you with Excel. (Night Owl does not supply software.)

Harness the potential of Excel's multiple functions to change the way you do business.
Websites are not the only way to be seen online. Leverage free online platforms and advance your small business.

Creating online presence

Night Owl’s services include:

  • Setting up all social media pages and other sites like online listings, retailers and review sites. 
  • Management of your business profiles and updating information on your behalf.

All information for third party sites (MailChimp, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, etc.) to be supplied by client before starting. 

Online research & sourcing

Night Owl’s services include:

  • Basic assistance in searching the web for bespoke solutions to your business challenges. 
  • Sourcing new suppliers online and placing orders on behalf of your company.

Online research is project-dependent and time required may vary according to your needs.. 

The internet is full of resources that can enhance your daily operations and save you money.